General Committee Meeting and Meeting for Current RHO’s/Interns/Pre-Interns

12321495_1663937370541737_5944051926334374831_nOn the 13th of December 2015, GMOA had a General Committee Meeting as well as a Meeting for Current RHO’s/Interns/Pre-Interns with a massive gathering of about 750 at the Western Province Aesthetic Resort in Colombo.

The Following Decisions were taken: 

  1. To Fight against the Budget 2016 Cut downs until our Status-quo is restored in Transport Facilities, Pension Scheme and PAYE tax.
  2. To continue the fight to implement the promised Basic Salary Increment accordingly with the NWP.
  3. To continue the fight against Indo – Sri Lanka Goods and Services Trading New Agreement.
  4. To convince the Health Ministry to improve existing cardre for future Doctors.
  5. The decision of the Next Trade Union Action will be decided according to the response during the next scheduled meeting on 18th December 2015 with His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena.

Leaflets for Public Awareness:

  1. Leaflet 1 or Click Here
  2. Leaflet 2 or Click Here
  3. Tamil Leaflet 1 or Click Here
  4. Tamil Leaflet 2 or Click Here
  5. 2016 Budget and Pension Scheme Leaflet 3 Click Here
  6. GMOA Leaflet: Indo – Sri Lanka Goods and Services trading agreement     Download
  7. GMOA Leaflet: Indo – Sri Lanka Goods and Services trading agreement (Tamil)     Download