Sample videos in communication

1. Greeting by the doctor    greeting 01

2. During the ward rounds  ward round 02; 

3. Taking a history from a patient; Download 03

4. Bad way of communication with Doctor- nurse while discharging a patient ;-

Discharging patients doctor_nurse_bad

4.(b).  Good communication with doctor- nurse while discharging;  Download

5. Active listening; –doctor-patient-bad   doctor-patient-good

6. Communication with colleagues ;-Communication with Colleague- bad

7.  Informing patients condition to a colleague through a phone call;

Answering a phone call 01 answering a phone call 02

8. Patients emotional feelings after good communication; Emotional feelings

9. Doctor patient communication  Download 01 ; Download 02 ; Download 03

10. Video clip regarding doctor safe guarding his patient Download

11.  Active listening during a discussion forum ; meeting_bad ; meeting_good

12. Explanation the disease condition to the relatives; wrong way ;  correct way

bad communicationgood communication

13. Discussion among colleagues  Download


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