Good Intern Programme Concept

“You may have forgotten now, the medicine given to you when you met a doctor in your childhood. But you may still remember how that doctor made you feel”





Concept of Good Intern Programme

Medical Internship marks the blossoming of a medical graduate emerging from the medical faculty. Hence improving the quality of the internship becomes a worthy investment for the present and the future of the intern medical officers, their patients as well as for the health system.
The due recognition was not given to the above concept until Dr.AnuruddhaPadeniya, President of Government Medical Officers’ Association took the initiative and develop this concept in to a programme in 2013. He coined this as Good Intern Programme. In 2013 the programme was conducted in 3 phases successfully under the guidance of Dr AnuruddhaPadeniya.

Dr Padeniya Founder of Good Intern Programme

Dr Padeniya Founder of Good Intern Programme

Professor Aluwihare

Professor Arjuna Aluwihare great professor with a clear vision

“To generate self-satisfied Intern Medical Officers having competence, compassion and delivering optimum patient care”
To prepare the pre-interns and empower the interns for an internship period with a culture of “Good Medical Practice”

1. Optimisation of the medical professional
2. Enhancing standards in health care
3. Human Resource development
4. Health system development
5. Ensuring patient safety
6. Upgrade quality of patient care delivery
7. Creating a culture of research and innovations
8. Enhancing Equity
9. Enhancing accountability
10. Building capacity &value addition of the intern medical officers

Evolution of the Good Intern Programme