Application Forms

GMOA Membership Verification Letter - Request Application

Application:     Download



GMOA Membership

GMOA Members Enrollment Form:     Download

GMOA Members Enrollment Memo: Download

Update membership details:     Download


Exclusive Car Pass

Application Form & Application Procedure:      Download


Union Assurance

GMOA membership verification letter application form to obtain a privileged life insurance scheme:     Download



Research Allowance

  • Research Allowance – Application form (new):     Download
  • Research Allowance – Guidelines:     Download


Telecommunication Allowance

  • Telephone Allowance Claim Form:     Download


Training Programmes

Language Training Programme registration:     Online Application Form

Workshop on communication skills:     Visit Website



Request to be noted for Annual Transfer of Grade Medical Officers – 2015


Annual Transfer Online Application System

  • Human Resources Management Information System – Ministry of Health: Visit the Website


GMOA Transfer Request Form

  • Grade Medical Officers’ Transfer Request Form:     Download
  • Requirements for Temporary Attachment:     Download
  • Requirements for Re-Attachment:     Download
  • Requirement process for Re-Attachment of Grade MOO:     Download


Special Appeals


School Admission of Children

Year One School Admission of Children of GMOA Members:    Download


Repatriation of Doctors who completed Overseas Training

Repatriation of Doctors who completed Overseas Training:     Download


Sample CV for Doctors

Sample CV for Doctors:     Download


Vehicle Permit

Application for concessionary vehicle permit:     Download


Special Offers

SLT Package Application Form:     Download


BOC WORLD Credit Card

BOC World Credit Card GMOA Application form – Download 

BOC Application form and Instruction – Download

BOC World Credit Card offer – Download

BOC Letter – Download

GMOA Letter – Download

Notification of quacks

Data sheet of suspected illegal Medical Practitioners:     Download

Summery sheet of suspected illegal Medical Practitioners:     Download


Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

HRMIS Data Collection Form Guidelines     Download

Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)  Memo    Download


GMOA Membership Verification Letter to Obtain a Special Privileged Solar System of “Ads Solar Power

Application                      Download

Further Details                Download



Auto Miraj Application form

Application  Download



Enrollment Application form for Welfare Arm of GMOA


Privileged Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme of SANASA General Insurance for Members of the Welfare Arm of GMOA


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