National Council for Communication Skills in Health Care

õ  National Council for Communication Skills in Health care-Sri Lanka

National Council for Communication Skills in Health Care

National Council for Communication Skills in Health Care

Founder of Communication Skills Council

Founder of Communication Skills Council


“Enhancing the quality and safety of medical care by focused and cost-effective human resource development.”

NCCHSL is an interdisciplinary organization which brings researchers and trainers together in the field of communication in healthcare.


NCCSHSL is the professional home for medical professionals, researchers, educators, and other stakeholders committed to improving communication and relationships in healthcare. It is a home that provides opportunities for collaboration, support and personal and professional development.


A health care system where patients, medical professionals, nurses, other healthcare staff,   and trainees feel valued, respected, understood, and are actively engaged in healthcare processes and decision making.



  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and products of teaching and research activities related to communication across a network of individuals and institutions in Sri Lanka and beyond.
  •  To contribute to the improvement in communication in healthcare settings in Sri Lanka based on research evidence.
  •  To guide communication teaching in basic, post-basic, orientation, in-service, post-graduate and international training programmes conducted in Sri Lanka.
  •  To establish best practices and improve communication to comply with the changing needs of health delivery which emphasize a patient centered approach, shared responsibility and decision making.
  •  To stimulate the growth of an active network of healthcare professionals who work in team spirit towards the goal of improving patient care and people’s lives.
  •  To generate more revenue under knowledge economy by improving Communication Skills among doctors.
  •  To pool the resources to develop the National Communication Skills Council in Health Care

Evolution of the Program


2013April The necessity of improving the quality of medical profession was highlighted by the President GMOA in various forums.Discussions were held with the necessary stakeholders to discuss the best solutions.   The necessity of a structured communication skills programme was highlighted at these discussions. 
2013May GMOA in collaboration with the Familyhealth Bureau, 50 master trainers were trained by a group of experts in the field of communication. 
2013November GMOA in collaboration with NIHS & WHO, 25 master trainers were further trained on communication skills and course materials were developed. It was a 3 day workshop conducted at NIHS. 
2014February GMOA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, 500 post intern medical officers were trained in communication skills by the master trainers.  The programme was conducted on 13th& 14th February 2014 at Kularathne hall.A structured online questionnaire was used for the pre workshop needs assessment.  Participants had to fill this at the time of registration to the workshop. 
2014 March Two day communication skills workshop was conducted at  NIHS.  Around 200 medical officers from various parts of the country participated for the workshop. 
2014November In November 2014, along with the Good Intern Programme, around 1000 pre intern doctors were trained in Communication skills. 
2014December 21st  Inauguration of the Sri Lanka National Council for Communication Skills in Healthcare 

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