Press Releases – 2011

The consensus reached at the symposium held on 05/12/2011

The severe dearth of Medical Specialists and the attitude of the PGIM

Let’s protect the Independence and the Integrity of the SLMC

Doctors can not be produced in 6 months

Non-payment of Telecommunication bills of doctors within the Western Province

Schooling issue of children of medical officers

Issues of AMPs with month Russian degree

Repeat request for corrections on the wrong news paper article on DIVAINA

Request for correction on News paper article

“Fabricated documents” submitted by PMC –Malabe

Protest against the activities of secretary of health of the central province

Suspension of the trade union action which was called to protest the issue regarding the personal file of Dr .A.B.Padeniya.

Request for an inquiry on the allegations made over the personal file of Dr. A.B. Padeniya

Salaries and allowance are purely administrative matters

Regarding the Press Statement made by Minister S.B. Dissanayake

Illegal circular issued by Minister of Higher Education

To inform the decisions taken by Ministry of Health regarding PMC Malabe

Protest the against the overruling of the authority of the SLMC by Minister of Higher Education

Crisis at the operating theater of Hambantota District General Hospital

Trade union protest against PMC – Malabe

Ambiguous behavior of the dean of the PMC

AMP issue

Life treating situation at BH Balapitiya following the death of a politician


Crisis in Ampara District

Regarding the post of Director NHSL

Request to reduce the “Handling Charges” at the importation of Vehicles by Medical officers

Crisis in Medical Education in Sri Lanka

National Drug information System

Protest against the activities of PD Western Province in relation to PMC Malabe

Demand to implement the telephone allowance