Good Intern Programme


Good Intern Programme 2015 Phase III

Good Intern Programme 2015 is a skills training programme for pre interns who are awaiting internship and this is conducted by Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) in collaboration with Deputy Director General of Education, Training and Research (ET&R), Ministry of Health, Society for Health, Research and Innovation (SHRI), Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo and NICS Training.

Entire Good Intern Programme is consisted of three phases as follows.
Phase 1 – A 2 day skill training programme
Phase 2 – Ward based skills programme
Phase 3 – Three day workshop

The course is designed to uplift the clinical skills of Pre-Intern Doctors in assessment and management of critically ill patients to reduce medical errors and improve patient survival. The programme contains Lectures, Skills stations, Scenarios and Demonstrations targeting Basic and Advanced Life support, Systematic approach to patients during assessment and management of critically ill patients and Case scenarios to give a remarkable practical experience for the candidate to use these in everyday clinical practice during the whole medical career.

GIP 2015 Phase III @ Kularathna Hall, Ananda College, Colombo – DAY 1 (05-10-2015)

GIP 2015 - 16 GIP 2015 - 15 GIP 2015 - 14 GIP 2015 - 8 GIP 2015 - 9 GIP 2015 - 12 GIP 2015 - 11 GIP 2015 - 8 (2) GIP 2015 - 7 GIP 2015 - 6 GIP 2015 - 5 GIP 2015 - 4 GIP 2015 - 2 GIP 2015 - 1 GIP 2015 - 3 GIP 2015 - 10

GIP 2015 Phase III @ Kularathna Hall, Ananda College, Colombo – DAY 2 (06-10-2015)

Inauguration Ceremony of Good Intern Programme 2015 Phase III at Kularathne Hall, Ananda College Colombo.

The Chief Guest His Excellency Hon. President Mithripala Sirisena said GMOA is the Ideal trade union in Sri Lanka and the best example of a trade union. He also mentioned that GMOA is the only trade union considering the Professional development of its members.

GIP Day 2 - 1


The Guest of Honor Hon. Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne appreciated the Tamil Language Programme of GMOA which will fill the gap of communication between North and South.

GIP Day 2 - 21 GIP Day 2 - 20 GIP Day 2 - 19 GIP Day 2 - 18 GIP Day 2 - 16 GIP Day 2 - 15 GIP Day 2 - 14 GIP Day 2 - 13 GIP Day 2 - 12 GIP Day 2 - 10 GIP Day 2 - 9 GIP Day 2 - 7 GIP Day 2 - 6 GIP Day 2 - 4 GIP Day 2 - 3 GIP Day 2 - 2

GIP 2015 Phase III @ Kularathna Hall, Ananda College, Colombo – DAY 3 (07-10-2015)

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 Internship Skills Training Program 2015 ​for pre intern medical officers awaiting internship

Title of the activity :  Internship Skills Training

Background and Justifications

A practical skills focused program to train pre intern medical officers in developing world, is not common. Medical graduates have nearly one year’s wait before starting internship in Sri Lanka. Skills accrued in medical school are not enhanced, but rather regress, if no clinical practice happens; most are not involved in clinical care. The technical skills needed for internship are difficult to gather without hands on practice.The time gap between final exams and internship, results in loss of ability to consolidate training, reduce confidence and thereby potentially impacts patient care adversely. Patient care suffers when new internsstart, due to low skill levels and low levels of confidence. Many other countries have recognized this skills gap and taken remedial measures.There have been requests by our pre-interns to address this perceived lack of skills before commencing internship.Therefore it is important to allow Sri Lankan pre-interns too, to practice their skills before starting internship. A skills training programme, with collaboration from MOH, GMOA, Department of Clinical Medicine of Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, and NICS has been conducted as a part of the Good Intern Programme, since 2013. There has been excellent feedback and suggestions to increase the time duration and to begin the course early, as well as to include a separate course for Life support and Emergency management. Therefore, we propose an upgraded clinical and practical skills training programme which consists of two phases.

The first phase will be a two day clinical skills training where pre interns will get an opportunity to revise and practice Basic and Advanced life support skills, A-E assessment and essential communication skills with the practical application of these in some selected medical and surgical scenarios. This will be conducted before the time period of the Good Intern Programme. The second phase will consist of a practical skills training programme.

This allows pre interns to spend between 5 days in a ward and operating theatre setting or ETU/PCU/Wards  under the supervision of a Consultant Anaesthetist/Physician to acquire a set of essential practical skills. This course will increase confidence, skills and critical thinking of the budding pre intern doctors and will directly improve the outcome of their patients. This also can be used as a tool that enables acquisition of practical knowledge, skills and attitudes to increase competence and preparedness to deal with an emergency. The outcomes are easily measurable, by means of individual assessments of knowledge and skills.

Specific Objectives

1. To revise the knowledge on resuscitation and life support and its practical application in common medical and surgical emergencies

2. To become competent in Basic life support skills, Advanced life support skills and A-E assessment

3. To communicate with colleagues and seniors during emergency situations and break bad news

4. To allow participants to practice and learn through their mistakes, without posing a risk to patient safety

5. To provide a platform for enhancement of problem-solving and decision-making skills and thereby build their confidence in managing common emergencies

Expected outcome

1. A measurable increase in knowledge and skills on resuscitation and life support and its practical application in common medical and surgical emergencies

2. Improvement in communication skills during emergency situations and breaking bad news

3. Practice and learn through mistakes, without posing a risk to patient safety

4. Enhancement of problem-solving and decision-making skills, thereby building confidence in managing common emergencies Methodology The Skills training will be conducted in two phases:


Phase 1:

1. There will be a TTT ( train the trainer) for 1 day.The courses will be delivered to groups of 20 pre interns at each two day programme.

2. The first phase consists of a combination of short didactic sessions, case scenarios and skills stations.

3. There will be pre course and post course MCQ and a post course short oral exam based on which their improvement can be measured.

4. Participants feedback will be collected after the course for our improvement.

5. The first phase of the course will run for the 1000 pre intern doctors before the beginning of the Good Intern programme.

6. The course is meant for voluntary participants.

7. The course is conducted free of charge.

8. Registration- online

9. The course will be conducted in English.

10. Setting – Clinical Medicine Academic and Research Center (ClinMARC)

11. A certificate will be issued at the end of the course.



Phase 2:

1. The second phase will consist of 5 days practical skills training Programme as a part of the Good Intern Programme done closer to the beginning of internship for the whole population of pre intern doctors.

2. This will be done at in a ward and operating theatre setting or ETU/PCU under the supervision of a Consultant Anaesthetist/Physician where they maintain an individual competency records in a lg book, for a list of essential practicalskills. The skills are learnt at an actual patient based clinical setting.

3. Assessments and feedback 1) Pre skills course self assessment 2) Post skills course self assessment 3) Post skill course non binding assessment by Consultant Anaesthetist/Physician- as attached. 4) Feedback from participants- to improve program 5) Voluntary logbook by participants

4. The course is meant for voluntary participants.

5. The course will be conducted in English.

6. Setting- General/Provincial Hospitals and Base Hospitals

7. Certification A certificate of participation will be issued by the MOH in partnership with GMOA if a logbook is maintained and assessments are filled in.

8. Coordination Will be by the GMOA with Directorate of ET&R and NICS of MOH.

9 . Registration Will be online, coordinated by the GMOA and will include registration for Good Intern Programme and pre-assessment.

19. Scientific output Scientific publication of the process and outcome will be done.

Planned time period

First phase- From March to October 2015

Second phase- July to October 2015


Target population

1. 1000 pre interns

2. Firstly a group of 10 doctors will be trained as trainers for phase 1.

3. Subsequent phase 1 programmes will be for groups of 20 pre-intern doctors each.

4. Phase 2 programme will be done for all 1000 pre intern doctors simultaneously as batches in different weeks.


 Online Registration for Phase one –

please register from here to phase one programme


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Important messages

1.Registered name list- New Registered List on 10.11

Name highlighted in red are the pre interns who filled the registration form buy yet send their paying voucher. 

Coloured in yellow who send the payment slip but not filled the registration form

2.  Programme schedule- GIP Programme Schedule Final

3. Notice of Good intern Programme – Notices regarding Good Intern Programme 2014

4. Registration Desk plan- registration desk

Sub programmes:

1. Phase one – Tamil programme
2.Phase two – Clinical Skills programme
3. Phase three – Good intern programme with Communication skills programme


Phase I

Implementation of Second Language Proficiency Among Medical Professionals

Government, by circular no: 7/2007 made compulsory to all medical officers who joined the service after 01.07.2007 to acquire proficiency in 2nd language within a period of 5 years in addition to the 1st language as a government policy.

GMOA decided a training programme for medical professionals before the above exam, and at the end of the programme a certificate will be awarded which fulfills the requirements of circular no 7/2007. This certificate will be necessary to start internship.

The Training Programme

11 days residential programme.
Limited number of programmes to be schedule till November 2014.
There will be Tamil training programmes for Sinhala doctors and Sinhala training programmes for Tamil doctors.
It will be held at Agalawatta Language Training Centre.
80 Doctors can be accommodated.
Course is free of charge for all officers (conditions apply).

Criteria for Registration

1. First come first serve basis.
2.Registration should be done by submitting the duly completed online application form.
3. Training programme will cost more than Rs. 50,000 per participant. If a participant fails to participate without a substitute after registration half of that cost should be paid as a penalty.

The online application form is available in GMOA website:

Hotline no: – 0777599280 (Dr. Prasan Sanjaya)

Email: –

Phase II

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) in collaboration with Ministry of Health and professional Colleges is organizing the clinical skills programme for pre intern doctors during the month of October. It is a five day programme which will be held at thirty different hospitals through out the country.

We are pleased to announce that we have started the programme, in response to feedback and requests, by current intern doctors. a “Pre-Interns’ skills training programme”. This will be based in hospitals to help you fine tune your practical clinical skills for the upcoming internship.booklet 01log book 2 log book 3



Skills programme log book: Download

log book 3

(B)List of names registered for the skills programme: Download

(C)Frequently asked questions (FAQ): Download

Skills programme (1st week from 6th to 10th of October)

1. Name of preinterns selected from 6th to 10th: Download
2. DGHS letter to college of physicians: Download

3. DGHS letter to college of  anaesthetists: Download

4. DGHS to hospital directors: Download
5. DGHS to the consultants: Download

 Skills programme (2nd week and 3rd week)

1. DGHS letter to college of physicians:Download

2. DGHS letter to college of anaesthetists:Download

3. DGHS to hospital directors:Download

4. DGHS to the consultants:  Download

Skills  programme (4th week – 27th to 31st October 2014)

  1. Name list: Download
  2. DGHS to hospital directors: Download
  3. DGHS to the consultants: Download

If you have any questions please email on or contact on 0112580886-204 between 9 am to 4 pm.

Photographs of Skills programme

At Batticolo- Pre intern prepare for a lumbar puncture

A pre intern doctor is preparing to do a Lumbar puncture

A pre intern doctor is preparing to do a Lumbar puncture

At Vavunia -Observation of insertion of CVP line

Insertion of CVP line at Vayunia


In Panadura Base Hospital

Cannulation and drawing of blood by Pre intern doctors.

Cannulation by Pre intern doctor at PCU

Cannulation by Pre intern doctor at PCU

20141031_110032 20141031_110244












The 4 day workshop of the programme will be held on November 13th, 14th, 15th & 16th and the skills training programme will commence (in groups) from the 2nd week of October onwards. Please note that as this is the first time the skills training (at multiple hospitals) will be done there are likely to be last minute changes; please cooperate with us in coordinating this activity.
Registration will be on a first come first serve basis and it is now open

Good Intern Programme – November 2014

1. Registration guideline: Download

2. Payment slip (Draft): Download

3. Serial numbers of the Doctors : Download

preintern list

Internship application list for 11th of November










4. Registration form









5. Final name list who got registered in the google form (The highlighted ones are those who registered but yet receive the slip pls send your slip via fax or email otherwise your name will be deleted from registration book) Registered Pre interns on 06.11.14


If you have any questions please email on or contact on 07775992804 between 9 am to 4 pm.




Message 01

There were 40 doctors registeted for tamil training programme from 02 Nov to 12th of Nov. All 40 pre interns should report to Agalawatta on02.11.14 at 9am.

If failed to report there will be a penalty of Rs10,000 from those pre interns. -DGHS Ministry of Health

Name list of Preinterns registered for tamil programme form 02/11/14 to 12/11/14 Download  tamil programme group 08

Message 02

Higher officials of Ministry of Health reveals, it is essential to learn clinical skills prior to start internship. Therefore pre intern doctors should undergo the clinical skills programme which was organized by GMOA with collaboration of ministry of health before starting their internship.

Registered Pre interns on 06.11.14