Workshop for Trade Unions in Health Sector on Bilateral International Trade Agreements

Workshop for Health Sector Trade Union Leaders on Bilateral International Trade Agreements organized by GMOA in collaboration with United Professionals Movement, held at GMOA office on 05-11-2015.

All Health sector trade unions leaders representing Dental Surgeons, Nurses, Midwifes, Minor Staff, Technical categories, Telephone operators, Ambulance Drivers and  Minor staff participated.

Lectures and presentations

done by;

  1. Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya (President GMOA)
  2. Dr. Senal Fernando (GMOA)
  3. Eng. Palitha Abeywardana (President SLEA)
  4. Eng. Gamini Nanda Gunawardana (SLEA)
  5. Dr. (Eng. & Lawyer) Ananda Ranasinghe (SLEA)

Presentations were followed by a very effective discussions with all union leaders and which was conducted by Eng. Arjuna Manamperi (IESL)

GMOA Leaflet: What is CEPA?      Download 

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