The Crisis Regarding SAITM -Malabe

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His Excellency Maithrieepala Sirisena,

President of the Democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Presidential secretariat



Your Excellency,

The crisis regarding SAITM -Malabe

This is in reference to the Appeal court case filed by an alleged undergraduate of the  so called medical school situated in Malabe.

We wish to point out the two essential requirements needed to obtain registration to practice as a doctor in our country.

1.       SLMC approval

Any government is duty bound to ensure the safety of patients’ lives with regard to training and practicing of medicine. To ensure this, medical councils are established in all countries. A medical school cannot exist without medical council approval, but violating this fundamental principle, SAITM institute of Malabe, Sri Lanka, calling itself a medical school has recruited  students to be trained in medicine.

2.       Degree Awarding status

As per universities act a degree awarding status is given to an institution by a gazette notification. There is no gazette conferring degree awarding status to the petitioner’s institute. Instead, the petitioner has produced a gazette issued by the Higher Education Ministry outlining the deficiencies which needs to be rectified in order to achieve degree awarding status and a letter issued by the Secretary of Higher Education Ministry. There is no single gazette conferring degree awarding status to this institute. The petitioner herself admits this. Therefore, the Malabe institute does not have degree awarding status up to now.

If these facts are correctly & clearly presented in courts, lack of the two above fundamental requirements to practice as doctor will make her appeal a futile exercise. However,   if both Higher Education and Health Ministers along with the Attorney General heeds her request, she will be able to become a “doctor” despite “passing out” from an institution without medical council recognition. This is in violation of basic fundamental principles as pointed out by the deans of all medical faculties who constitute the authority in medical education.

We wish to draw your attention to the “dark period” our university system had to face in the not too distant past.  In this context the present unrest due to the SAITM issue should be of grave concern.

We appeal to your excellency , as a leader who always displayed the correct stance in this issue, to take necessary steps to save the university students and their parents from this unfortunate situation and safeguard the lives of our patients.

Further, it will greatly benefit if the two hon. Minsters and the Attorney General  are advised to  present the above facts clearly and correctly to courts .

We also request you to give us an opportunity to discuss this issue at your earliest

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