Omission of Doctors from 22/99 Circular

All senior level government servants are eligible for official transport facility or transport allowance according to Public Administration circular 22/99. Although Medical Officers are in senior level, they are not covered in this circular.

Since medical officers are doing 24 hour emergency on-call duties they are the category which needs transport facility the most. Only few medical officers have housing facilities near hospital and majority has to rent houses from the vicinity of the hospital to report immediately in case of emergencies.

Considering above facts doctors are paid Disturbance, Availability and Transport (DAT) allowance. This was estimated to be Rs. 29,000/= in 2008. Although five years has elapsed since 2008, still this allowance has not exceeded Rs.25000/= while other senior level government officers are paid 52000/= for transport facilities.

Therefore GMOA propose government to increase the DAT allowance to 52000/= from next budget.