Necessity of the salary commission and 1:12 ratio

Implementation of 2006/06 circular prepared by the 2003 salary commission was the cornerstone of restructuring the government sector salary according to the qualifications, skills and responsibilities of government servants.

Efforts and sacrifices by the GMOA was the key to implementation the above circular. Although it was beneficial to all sectors, the salary compression ratio of 1:4 has created overlapping salary scales among different categories. In the developed countries the salary compression ratio is around 1:20 while India has gradually increased it up to 1:12 stemming the migration of skilled workers.

To maintain the stability of Sri Lankan government service and to retain the skilled professionals we need to maintain the salary compression ratio at least around 1:12.

After repeated requests by the GMOA the current government proposed to appoint a new salary commission for both government and private sectors but it hasn’t implemented even after 10 months.

Therefore GMOA would force the government to implement the proposed salary commission and to extend the salary compression ratio to 1:12