Official Language Policy: New Circular Issued

A new circular was issued on 21-01-2014 with regards to Implementation of the Official Languages Policy, incorporating the proposals made by GMOA.

According to the circular the medical officers who are already in service and completed the second language test at E-Bar examination, are exempted from the second language proficiency exam:

“Should have fulfilled the requirement of obtaining the relevant other official language proficiency in terms of provisions of the Service Minute / Scheme of Recruitment which was in force at the time of entering the Service.”

For those who are newly recruited; with the coordination of GMOA, Ministry of Health in collaboration with Ministry of National Languages and Social Integration arranged a language training programme for all Pre-intern Medical Graduates before the commencement of their internship. Those who complete the course will be considered as having acquired the necessary proficiency:

“Should pass the written and oral examinations held at the end of a Sinhala/Tamil language course of at least 150 hours conducted by the Department of Official Languages/ National Institute of Language Education and Training or under its supervision, as a part of the induction training, according to the syllabus prescribed for the Category 3.”

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  • The GMOA proposal made on Implementation of the Official Languages Policy:     Download
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