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To Provincial/ District Coordinators,
Branch Secretaries and All Members,
GMOA General Committee held on 18th of October, 2018, decided to hand over a petition to His Excellency the President, signed by doctors, to convey our displeasure and objections against the conduct by Health Minister, Rajitha Senarathne on;
  1. Overruling the technical decisions of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC),
  2. Attempts to abolish the present medical ordinance which is in existence for nearly 90 years and replace it with a new act within 20 days,
  3. Intentionally delaying the appointment of a President to SLMC and not proceeding with filling other vacancies in the council,
  4. Appointing his political henchmen to the SLMC with ulterior motives.
Please follow instructions given below, 
  1. We will send hard copies of the petition and signature sheets before 25th of October, 2018 to all Branch Union Secretaries.
  2. If any postal delay, the petition and signature sheets are available in
  3. Launch signature campaign in all Branch Unions on 25th of October, 2018 (Thursday) with local media coverage and press briefing.
  4. Collect Signatures from Doctors within 5 working days and return signature sheets to GMOA office on or before 1st of November, 2018.
  5. DO NOT fill Number column (No. column)
  6. In one signature sheet can collect 20 signatures. Complete one signature sheet prior to start a new signature sheet.

PETITION – Download