How to appeal against annual transfers – 2012

GMOA strongly believe that immediate implementation of transfer orders will disturb the smooth functioning of the health institutions and will cause lot of inconvenience to our members. Therefore we expressed out strong displeasure against the circular dated 21/09/2012, instructing the heads of all institutions to release all ‘noted’ medical officers from the respective institutions within the period from 01st October to 31st October, and discussed an interim solution.

The GMOA has decided to consider the appeals of these noted medical officers. The appeals should be recommended by the respective branch union and forwarded through the respective Provincial Coordinator to the appeal board. The decision to suspend to salary will be lifted as there is an appeal procedure to follow.

Appeal procedure, application form, memo and the provincial coordinators’ contact details are available in the GMOA website ( and will be faxed to all respective branch unions.