Unique official car pass for Doctors launched

Car pass with the cross symbol was first issued to doctors a long time back. It was issued to make an unique identity for doctors to maintain uninterrupted and quality patient care, especially during Emergency and On call services .

However, with time, passes with cross symbols were issued to many other categories without any basis. As a result currently they are being used by many individuals and organizations without any relevancy to its original objective of maintaining uninterrupted and quality patient care.

Moreover, doctors’ car pass is misused often by these individuals and there were instances where it has been used to transport illegal drugs. As a result doctors’ car pass has lost its long held respect from the society and from the legal authorities. Therefore now doctors are facing various difficulties to carry out our on call and emergency service.

GMOA made a landmark victory on this issue by obtaining legal authority to have a unique car pass for doctors with the cross symbol. Process of receiving a legal authority to a trade mark is lengthy procedure which usually takes 3-4 years but GMOA acted professionally to expedite the procedure completing the process with in few months. Now our mark is registered under the provisions of the intellectual property Act. No 36 of 20 03. GMOA also won the right to take legal actions against unauthorized use of our mark.

This official car pass was launched at the Health Ministry auditorium on 12th June 2013 by Health Minister Mithripala Sirisena with the participation of GMOA officials. The minister requested the DGHS to inform the IGP and Commissioner General of Motor Traffic about the new car pass.

car pass



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