Trade Union Action in All Blood Banks

UPDATE: Trade union action to protest blood bank director’s action will be finalised after the discussion to be held with DGHS on 09-12-2013. 

Director National Blood Center is keeping the personal files of Medical Office who are working in the Hospital Blood Banks island wide. This is against not only to the Establishment code and financial regulations but also to the direction given by Director General of Health Services.

This was discussed with DGHS on 1st September 2011 and decided to hand over the personal files to relevant Heads of Institutions. Several reminders with regard to non-implementation of the process were given unheard. Finally Director General of Health Services directed to complete the task and inform back to him by a letter CDGHS/DDG/(LS/2012-01) dated 01/02/2012.

Therefore our General Committee which was held on 24th Sunday, November 2013 happened to decide unanimously to start a trade union action from 9th December 2013 if these personal files of MOO have not reached to relevant hospitals before 09th December 2013.