Token Strike in Hambantota District

There will be a token strike in all hospitals and RDHS division of Hambantota district excluding GH-Hambantota from 8.00am to 4.00pm on 15/06/2012.

The immediate reason for this token strike is the attack carried out at the DMO quarters of Base Hospital – Walasmulla by a group of people led by a Pradeshiya Sabha politician. About 50 people have carried out this attack including some hospital workers and their spouses at 2.00 pm on 14/06/2012. The doctors had to vacate the hospital due to threats to their lives. The hospital was closed after transferring all the patients to the other hospitals in the region.

The demands of the TUA are:

  1. To take the people responsible for the attack into custody and produce before the court.
  2. To provide continuous security to the hospital and medical staff for their safety.
  3. To have a departmental inquiry about the hospital workers participated in the attack and to give maximum punishment.