Sri Lanka Medical Council Election – 2012

Sri Lanka Medical Council is the sole governing body of the Medical Profession in Sri Lanka. Two posts of the SLMC will be vacant from 21st of November 2012 and the SLMC registrar has called for applications for the two vacant posts.

To strengthen the representation of government medical officers at the council, the GMOA has decided to nominate the names of; Dr. B.V.D.S.P. Abeywardena (Consultant Paediatrician, GH-Ratnapura/ Trustee – GMOA) and Dr. M.L.D.S.S. Abeywaredena (Medical Officer NHSL/ General Committee Member – GMOA)

We request the maximum effort from our members to send the GMOA nominees to SLMC with a clear majority. You can either vote in person or by postal votes. In person voting is allowed from 12th to 16th November 2012 at the SLMC office. Applications for the postal ballots were accepted till 19th October 2012 and the marked ballot papers should reach the SLMC by 16th November 2012.

Secretary – GMOA