Shutting Down of the Surgical Unit of Base Hospital – Horana

The Executive Committee of the GMOA Branch Union, BH-Horana was compelled to stop all the routine functions of the surgical unit of the hospital other than attending emergencies from 30th July 2012 onwards due to the failure of the hospital administration to take necessary action against the unprofessional behaviour of a nursing officer in the surgical unit.

The GMOA Branch Union demands the authorities to hold an impartial inquiry at Health Ministry level against the particular nursing officer regarding:

  • Manipulating contents of the BHT misleading the patients against the Medical Officers of the Surgical Unit
  • Non compliance of orders provided by the RDHS and MS relevant to solving the issue.

If the authorities are dragging this issue further, the GMOA branch union BH-Horana will be compelled to paralyze all units of the hospital.