Regulation of Consultation Charges

During the time when the GMOA was defunct, new regulations were brought in by the private health sector regulatory council to regulate the channelling fees of Specialist Medical Officers.

When the Private Medical Institution ( Registration ) Council Act (PMIR act) was passed by the Parliament in the year 2006, GMOA pointed out that there are many clauses in that act which contradict with the existing law of the land.

Later GMOA took measures to hand over the necessary amendments to HE the president. Subsequently, HE instructed then DGHS to amend the PMIR act after incorporating those proposals.

Further, we requested the authorities not to implement this act on our members until our proposals are given the due consideration.

Accordingly we informed our membership who were involved in private practice that “the GMOA will stand by those who do not register their private practices under this council”. As a result almost all our members who are doing part time private practices did not get registered. Due to the trade union pressure maintained by the GMOA, non of our members have got victimized up to now.

In the eve of re-emerging threat GMOA has decided to open a new dialogue on this issue. Please go through the attachments.

  • Public Health Services Regulatory Council Notice: