Re: Lankadeepa news headline on 09-02-2013

Yesterday’s headline of Lankadeepa claimed a doctor at TH-Kurunegala allegedly molested a nursing student who was later admitted to General Hospital Chilaw and treated at the ICU (“දොස්තරකුගේ අතවරයෙන් හෙද සිසුවිය දැඩි සත්කාර ඒකකයේ”).

This news shocked the entire health sector including doctors. Unfortunately this entire story is a fabricated one which violates the fundamental ethical principles of journalism and destroy the credibility of the journalist and the news organization.

No such patient has been admitted to the Chilaw General Hospital or treated in the ICU. The Directors of TH-Kurunegala, GH-Chilaw and the Principal of the NTS-Kurunegala also confirmed that this news is a fabricated one.

GMOA vehemently condemn these unethical and anti social acts of news organizations which give a wrong impression about medical profession to the society and request all professional journalists to come forward to change this situation.

The press release by GMOA: Press Release

Fabricated News