Message to all GMOA members Regarding SLMC ELECTION 2012

Dear Members,

In order to safeguard the Medical Profession and to strengthen the standards of medical education, GMOA decided to nominate the following members to the SLMC.

Please Vote for,

Dr.Saman Abeywardena – Con.Paed/Trustee of GMOA.

Dr. Saman Abeywardena -MO/NHSL General Committee Member/GMOA

The GMOA has not nominated any other individuals to represent it’s membership at the upcoming SLMC election other than the above.

It was decided to convey this message to all GMOA members after many observations made on attempts of certain individuals to mislead the membership by advertising them selves to be the representatives of the GMOA.

SLMC Election 2012 – Download the Leaflet