Island-wide Trade Union Action on 24-03-2015

Despite following the proper procedures for a salary increment and numerous discussions with government officials, the proposed salary revisions were not yet implemented. The proposed salary increments and the revision of allowances are not only for doctors but also for many other categories in the health sector.

GMOA has already discussed this issue with the Minister and Secretary of Health, Minister & Secretary of Public Administration, the Secretary of Finance, several times, and all of them have agreed in principle to our demands. The entire process is being held back due to the sole decision of the Minister of Finance.

Therefore the GMOA is left with no other option but to go for a trade union action. The aim of this TUA is not to harass the public but to enforce our stance on the relevant parties in the government.

The General committee of the GMOA met on 22nd of March and took the following decisions on the TUA.

  1. The TUA will take place on Tuesday the 24th of March.
  2. This will be a ‘Token Strike’ – the strike will start at 8 A.M. and end by 12 noon.

If any inconvenience is caused to the public due to our TUA, the finance minister should take the responsibility for that.

Guidelines for Branch Unions: Visit BU-Notices