Implementation of Official Language Policy

Cabinet approval has been granted for the GMOA proposal regarding implementation of Official Language Policy for Medical Professionals on 20-06-2013 (Visit: Cabinet Decision taken on 2013-06-20). Medical Officers who are already in service including interns will be exempted from the language proficiency exam without any salary increment deferment. ((vi) officers who have already obtained second language proficiency in keeping with the stipulations in Service Minute are to be exempted from the requirement of obtaining the second language proficiency;).

GMOA has arranged a 10 day full-time residential Tamil language training programme at NILET – Mathugama for pre-intern Doctors who will be joining the service in future. Those who complete this course and obtain the certificate too will be exempted from above exam without any salary increment deferment . ((iv) it has been made mandatory to provide a basic knowledge in the second language at the induction training programme when new recruitments are made to the Public Service; (xi) to make it mandatory to possess proficiency in both Sinhala and Tamil languages when recruitments are made to the Public Service from 2019 onwards.)

The circular on this cabinet decision will be published soon.

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