GMOA to intensify the TUA at TH-Anuradhapura

GMOA launched a one day token strike at Teaching Hospital – Anuradhapura today (31st August 2012) from 8am onwards in protest of the brutal attack on the on-call doctor of TH-Anuradhapura last night by a political gang affiliated to a  prominent politician in the North Central Province.

While the doctor was on the way to the hospital for on-call duty, his vehicle was stopped by the gang in the middle of the road in front of a political campaign center, shattered the glass of the car and assaulted the doctor with clubs. The doctor is currently being treated at the Neurosurgical Intensive Care unit of Anuradhapura Hospital.

The GMOA demands the Police to arrest all the suspects involved in the attack and produce them before court. If the Police fail to apprehend all the responsible individuals, the GMOA will be compelled to intensify the trade union action to a serious level where it had never gone before, involving many units in all the hospitals of North Central Province by Monday.