Vision of the Programme


Communication skills are identified as an essential component for a medical professional worldwide. Doctors are constantly required to interact not only with patients and but also with their superiors, colleagues, various groups of people who make up the staff of a hospital and occasionally the media.

Maintaining a professional demeanour while communicating in an empathic manner – particularly in stressful situations – is a skill that needs to be developed and reinforced. In many countries training in communication skills is mandatory before assuming a post as a medical officer. Global literature has proved that communication skills can be developed and improved upon.

At present formal training for the development of this skill has not yet been included in the curriculum of either undergraduate or postgraduate medical studies. This workshop intends to provide medical officers with a means to expand their knowledge and understanding of this vital and continually used skill.

Project Proposal for improving communication skills of Medical officers in Sri Lanka: Download

Programme at a Glance: Download

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the goals and objectives of the workshop?
The main goal of this programme is the generation of self-motivated, trained Medical Officers with good communication skills and public relations who contribute to raise the patient satisfaction as well as the efficiency of the health system.
The prime objective of this initiative is to improve the knowledge, inculcate positive attitudes of post-intern doctors on effective communication as well as on management practices and to empower them with essential skills for achieving them.

When will it be held?
On the 27th and 28th of March 2014.
Where will it be held?
National Institute of Health Sciences at Kalutara: Link to map
Who can register for this?
All Medical Officers
How can I register for this?
Please use the online form available here

How will I know whether I have obtained a place?
You will be notified by sms/email

How much will it cost?
The two day program is FREE for GMOA members.
Who is organizing this program?
GMOA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Who are the speakers?
Eminent individuals from respective fields will be the speakers. For the full list of authors please see the detailed programme (coming soon).
What about food and refreshments?
Food and refreshments will be provided for you during the two days.

What is the itinerary for the workshop?
The programme itinerary will be provided shortly.

What will I gain from participating in this programme?
The workshop has been tailored to aid post interns in the development of the essential skills of communication and management. It addresses issues such as the role of communication and its day to day importance and covers topics such as active listening, breaking bad news, public relations and dealing with the media. It also aims to provide you with strategies for the management of stress and the development of emotional intelligence -the ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Further more it aims to equip you with some of the skills required for teamwork and leadership in the context of medical practice. Knowledge and understanding of these skills and the means by which to implement them is the first step in the achieving success in inter-personal interactions. This in turn would increase your job satisfaction and improve the efficiency of service you provide. Further more it would minimize the likelihood and incidence of legal cases caused by poor communication and management.

Whom can I contact for more details?
Please email for any further details or call Dr. Mekhala at the GMOA during Monday to Friday between 0900-1600.